Finding of the first Diary Parts (1-3)

26 Aug

August 15, 2011

Light barely broke the darkness as I lay surrounded by falling, crumbling, rocks. The hot breath of a Dragon, in the form of an awaking volcano, rumbling me back to thought, after my unexpected escape from consciousness. The rays of Sunlight almost taunting, dancing freely into and out of what was my impending tomb…

August 16, 2011

My lungs drawing in hot, short, burst of air, trying their hardest to take in the last bit of remaining freshness still left around me. The ringing in my ears left little room for the horrid sounds coming from above my soon to be grave, as thoughts of family and friends raced through my mind, making sure to grasp the ones that have always meant the most. Darkness fell, I was truly alone, until a glow met my eyes…

August 25, 2011

It’s faint yellowish light entranced my vision, almost to the point of hypnotizing it. A feeling of hope washed over me, as a sense of calm cured me from within my very soul. The obvious concern that plagued me at that very moment seem to vanish, as this heavenly glow continued to light the darkness, as if not to leave me completely alone…


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