Chapter 1: The Questions Reveled

11 Sep

Destiny! Hey, Destiny are you ok?” I could hear this voice calling out
to me. A voice I’ve never heard before, a voice that seemed worried about me. I
may not have known this voice, but it definitely knew me.

Can you get up? Destiny, please, we have to get moving!”

Can I get up? I thought to myself.

“I don’t think so.” I replied. All I
could do was lay there, my head throbbing, and my body in pain.

ringing in my head, it hurts,” I finally said placing my hand to the back of my
head where I could feel the pain coming from. Obviously I’ve been hit, but by what
or even better who?

No signs of blood. I removed my hand from my head, and the stars, that just
moments ago, were swirling in front of my eyes started to fade. As they did his
face started focusing and clearing.

I definitely didn’t know him. He looked to be in his twenties, maybe even nineteen;
he was about six feet tall, with black hair down to his chin. My first thought
seeing his face is how incredibly handsome he was. His outfit really threw me
off though. I’ve never seen an outfit like his before; at least not out on the
streets, maybe in a sci-fi movie or something like that. It was pure black from
the top to the bottom, lined with silver down the seams, and, with what seemed
to be an eighty’s flash back, it was littered with what appeared to be zippers.

a huge look of concern on his face he knelt down beside me and said. “Little Sis, come on, I know you’re hurt,
but we don’t have much time.”

sis? Did he just call me little sis? I don’t have any brothers though. Who is
this guy, and what the hell has happened to me? Why won’t this ringing stop? It
just seems to be getting worse, all I want to do is lie here until it goes
away, and this guy, who now is claiming to be my brother, won’t leave me alone.

“Did you just call me your little sis? Who
are you?”
I asked him. A huge part of me was very anxious to hear his
reply. I mean, after all with this sound in my head being so loud, maybe, just
maybe, I had heard him wrong.

“They must have got you better than I
thought. Come on, it’s not safe here; I’ll explain everything you want to know
as soon as we’re out of this place.”

I screamed, as loud as I could with
this ringing in my head, and without making my ears bleed from it.

“No! Not till you tell me why in the hell
you just called me your little sis!”

“Ok, fine. Man your memory might be all
screwed up, but you’re still stubborn as ever.”
he replied, with a very
stern look on his face. He started to speak as he grabbed my hand to pull me up.

when I saw it, a sliver tattoo of an hourglass on his wrist. Within the hourglass,
and which appeared to be written in smoke, and actually moving on his skin, was
the name Destiny, my name, but why?

my thoughts could continue on the hourglass he finally revealed himself to me.

“I’m your brother Zidane, and
you’re Destiny. We were here in the Forest of Bethlum to find out what the hell
has happened to this place, when we got attacked and, a long story short, here
we are, and, sis, trust me there will be more time to explain later, but right
now we really have to go.”

Finally making it to my feet, and
trying to take in all of this new information, which would probably be easer
without this dam ringing in my head that still hasn’t gone away. I brushed
myself off, my senses clearing…I do remember.

“My memory is fine, I know my
own name, I know where the hell I’m from, and I know damn well I don’t have any
brothers. Who the hell are you, and why am I here?”

“I’m telling you, I’m your brother. I
don’t know why you don’t remember me, but I’m telling you the truth. It’s also
the truth when I tell you that we don’t have time for this, we have to get

“I’m not going anywhere with you till I know
what’s going
on!” I snapped back,
my eyes scanning the area as quick as they could.

Where the hell are we? I thought to
myself, look at this place, it looks like
Its trees no taller than eight feet twisted and mangled together,
their branches wrapping around one another, as if the trees were trying to
straggle each other.

roots rotted from the soil that appeared to be fertilized by decay, and no
sound, not the sound of any birds, not the sound of any animals, not even the
sound of the wind seemed to be able to escape this place. This made the air
thick, stagnant, and it seemed to stick to your skin.

place seemed to close in around us; every where I looked I could see no place
to go, no place to run to, no place to get away from this guy that had to have
brought me here. I wanted to get away; I just wanted to start running. Screw
thinking I just have to go I told myself.

“Go!” I shouted out loud without even realizing
I had done so, I could feel myself running even though I had no idea where  I was going . I could hear Zidane behind me
screaming for me to come back, not to go that way, but I didn’t care I had to,
I just had to get away.

was running so fast that I didn’t see the huge tree placed right in my way as I
jumped over a small cliff. I hit it, stomach first, falling back and ending
flat on my back. Now, with the wind knocked out of me and the fear over taking
my body, it wasn’t hard for Zidane to catch up to me.

“Sis come on! We’re in big trouble now.”

threw me over his shoulders and started to make his move. When he stopped, he
started to look around, his face marked with concern. I started to speak; he quickly
covered my mouth before I could speak again.

“I’m not going to be able to handle this
sis, I…I, really don’t know what to do.”

“Do about what?” I replied. Nothing
seemed to be wrong, but then suddenly my questions were answered.

The trees seemed to be moving all around us,
but it wasn’t the tress themselves, it was their bark. It started tearing away
from its parents, dropping to the ground making a soft splat as each one hit
the dank soil.

I thought I was scared before, but it was
nothing compared to now, even Zidane just stood there in fear watching the bark
hit, watching it start to scurry across the putrid ground towards us.

“What is that?” I barely made out through
his fingertips which had loosened with fear.

“What are those things?” Zidane just
stood there with me on his shoulders, silent, I didn’t know if he was too
scared to talk or was just thinking about what the hell to do.

started kicking, moving, and even punching. Anything I could do to get him to
wake up, come to, to just do something.

“Stop!” He finally yelled, snapping out
of it, and looking at me with a frightened expression.

“What are those things?” I demanded

“Treemites sis and they’re hungry!”

dashed off in a direction unknown to me. He was moving so fast I couldn’t see
anything. I could feel us jump into the air from time to time, but other than
that, it was all just a blur.

his movements were so fast, how couldn’t he have caught me before? The blurred scenery
was broken within moments of our attempted escape, the treemites now catching
up to us started making their move on Zidane’s heels.

made their way up his leg to the back of his knee and, he fell losing his grip
on me. I reached for him but it was to no use, I tumbled several feet ahead of
him, slamming into a dead tree stump.

could see the treemites overtaking him, I knew I was next. They moved in I
could see them clearly now. They had little razor teeth that moved up and down.
Their skin, now obviously camouflage, looked like tree bark. I guess we know
now what happened here… they happened here.

the wind already knocked out of me, and this damn ringing crippling me, I had no
place left to go, no fight left, I knew it was time to give up. I whispered out
to these little fiends as they peered into my eyes anticipating their lunch.

“Come get me, come on what are you waiting

appeared to be a smile came across their teeth as I said this and, they made
their move. I closed my eyes waiting for death, a death I knew was near, and
then it happened a huge flash of blue over took the entire forest. I could hear
the forest scream in pain, I felt everything close to me blown back. The treemites
squealed in agony as they were tossed and evaporated from the mysterious blue

everything fell slight once again, the blue light now gone, Zidane made his way
towards me. As he reached for me, through the haze surrounding us I made out
his face, it wasn’t Zidane, but someone else.

“You ok Desi,” he said softly. “Here take my
hand if you need to.”

“I’m ok, I think,” I said as I made my
way to my feet yet again.

“So who are you now? No wait! Let me guess,
my uncle.”

gave me a smile and even laughed a little bit, taken his hand and patting my
head he said.

“I’m your brother Lance, maybe you’re not
ok, you appear to be ok?”

was now moving my face up and down, and side to side, looking me over.

Everything’s fine now if you need to sit
down and rest a second.”

you, I think I need to, at least for a minute or two,”
I replied.

first thoughts of Lance were, I liked him a hell of a lot better than Zidane
right now, at least he’s not pushy, but I guess Zidane did have a point back
there, he’s obviously not as strong as Lance, and he knew what was about to

again this guy was also calling himself my brother, so with really no other
options, I just went along with it, if not for anything else, it seemed at least
these guys were here to help me.

found myself a place to sit that didn’t appear to be smothered by decay from
some dead animal, placing my head between my legs trying to clear my thoughts when
Zidane rang out.

“You ok little sis? Sorry about that, I
tried, I really did.”

“She’s fine, no thanks to you! What happened?”
Lance quickly interrupted, stepping in-between myself and Zidane.

“All you had to do was go get
her, and bring her home!”

“I know bro but she wouldn’t… she wouldn’t
move man, she just
stood there.”

placing his arms across his chest and made a baby face before mumbling. “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me
everything there is to
know about
Stomping his feet as he said this.

jumped up pointing my finger in his direction, demanding to know if that was supposed
to be me. He just stood there looking at me, then he started to laugh, and not
just a little, but a lot and he wouldn’t stop.

“Zidane!” Lance yelled out. Calm yourself,
there seems to be something wrong with her memory, she can’t remember how
immature you are at the moment.”

“Hey, who are you calling immature man, if
I’m so immature then why did Pops send me and not you.” Zidane snapped back,
sticking his chest out as if trying to appear bigger than Lance.

“He did send me, he sent me to look after
you. He knew you would screw up, and well look you did.” Lance quickly replied
without even giving Zidane the courtesy of looking at him as he said this, his
full attention seemed to be placed on my wellbeing.

“You don’t have to get personal man!”

dashed towards Lance with a look on his face as if he was going to attack. He stopped
just inches away from his target, his fist in the air, his chest rapidly taking
in and releasing short breathes that warmed the air between them. Lance now
gave his own little laugh; he looked back at Zidane and with a broken smile

“You would stop, you know what would’ve
happen. Good boy, you’re learning.”

fists still clinched, placed them to his side, put his head down, and simply
took a seat of his own away from us.

“Sorry about that, but if you could remember
you would know how he gets. He thinks he always has something to prove.”
said returning to checking me over.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” I replied with a smile. “He
looks like the type that’s really hot tempered.”

“He never used to be that way, but you know
boys, the older they get, the younger they act.”

“Well then, what about yourself, you don’t
seem like the hot tempered immature growing young type?”
I asked him.

“I take after our Father, that’s something
else you’ve seem to have forgotten, but don’t worry I’ll get you to him and he
should know what to do.”

“Will we be leaving from here soon?” I
sprang back with actual excitement, I mean, after all I was going to be meeting
my Father for the first time in my life. I’ve just met my brothers; I just got
attacked by man eating tree bark. Who knows what else there is to see here and
to experience.

waited for him to answer me, it took him a minute, but he finally said.

“We’ll walk to the Painted Hills; once we
reach them we should be safe for the night. Hopefully Greenapple is home, and
her guide will let us stay until daybreak. Then I’ll try to Portare us home, or
at least get us close enough that someone from there will know we’re nearby,
and come get us.”

“How long is it going to take us to get to
the Painted Hills?”
I asked him. Without even giving him a chance to answer
the first question, I quickly followed it up with another.

“What do you mean by Portare us home? What
is Portare?”

“We’re not far, shouldn’t take us to
long to reach The Cliff Of Color overlooking the Painted Hills, and once we
make it down we just need to figure out where Greenapple’s home is. As far as
Portare goes, if you really need me to explain that to you, then you’re worse
off than I thought. I’m happy your safe and all, but you should never have
taken off like that. All of this could have been avoided.”

“Taken off from where?” I
asked, trying my hardest to remember anything I could.

“I wish you could remember, more than
your name, but I guess if you didn’t at least know that then we’d all be doomed.”
He answered back in a rushed breath.

I could sense some of the frustration building up in him, so
instead of continuing on with what seemed to be a livable fantasy, I stopped.
At least I got away from my unfortunate reality, so I decided to try the truth
with him once more.

“I’ve been trying to tell you and Zidane I’m
not from around here; you have me mixed up with somebody else. I’m Destiny
Evens from boring ol’ Pleasant Plains, Illinois. I’m not somebody so special
that if I don’t remember my own name dooms- well I guess by what you said
–everybody! ”

“You’re my sister Destiny! I
know who you are.”
cut him off before he could say any more. I was so tired of hearing who I know
I’m not.

“I’m sorry I don’t remember, I’m really
sorry for whatever it is that I’ve done that lead us to this, I really am-
please do you believe me?”

was pleading him for his forgiveness, grabbing onto his sleeve and pulling on
it as a child does his Mother or Father. I don’t really even recall why I felt
that so much of this was my fault, I just did.

grabbed my hand, telling me to calm myself, that none of it mattered any ways,
we’re all safe and with any family that’s all that matters. At the same time I
tried to tell him again that there wasn’t anything wrong with my memory, that I
know that none of this could be real, not him, not Zidane, not this forest,
especially not the treemites that almost ate me moments ago.

removed my hand from his, clearing my throat, even hoping that maybe he’ll
believe what I’m about to say. I asked him to sit by me.

“I know you think I’m your sister, but trust
me there’s nothing wrong with my memory, I’m fine, and I don’t have any
brothers, and I’ve never met my father. He left long before I was even born.”

Looking over at Lance, he looked back
at me, gave a smile as he said, “That’s
fine, no need to explain yourself to me, but I tell you what, you come with us,
that whole never meeting your Father thing, well, you can consider that a thing
of your past.”

By now I was starting to feel
somewhat better, and sure I didn’t know where the hell I was at, or who these
people were, but- why not! This last thought shot through my mind almost faster
than I could think it.

“Let’s go see what my- I mean our- Father
looks like,”
I shouted springing to my feet. This must have put some
excitement back in Zidane, who seemed have been pouting in the corner, and had
now started making his way towards us. Making a somewhat shy and mumbled
attempt to join in our discussion, he finally got out.

“What’s the plan Sis?”

“I guess we’re”-

“She wants to go see our Father, she can’t
seem to remember what he looks like, so were going to help her out with that.”
cut me off. It was obvious Lance took offense to Zidane asking me about what’s
going on and not him.

“Well then bro, what’s stopping us, let’s
get going before it gets too late. I don’t want to be stuck in these creepy
woods after dark.”

“What about you sis, want to
stay here for the night?”

“Stay here? No way, if this
is the daytime I wouldn’t want to be here at night. I don’t even want to be
here now; I say we get moving soon too.”

“See there you have it, enough said, let’s
get going.”
Zidane said to Lance in kind of a cocky way, I could tell these
two must have some kind of huge ongoing rivalry, but it seemed to be worse than
what most brothers naturally have.

“Alright little sis let’s go!” Zidane
yelled as he scooped me up and started running through the trees.

“Hey put her down, and slow down!” Is
all I could hear Lance say before Zidane had gotten us too far for the sound of
his voice to reach us anymore.

stopped running just in time for him to start laughing, certainly about making
Lance mad. We kept walking and once Zidane calmed himself for what seemed to be
for the hundredth time already today, and no sign of Lance around, I thought
this might be a good chance for me to find out anything I could about what’s
going on.

“Man,” he said, trying to catch his
breath with his head almost between his legs.

“That guy always has to take everything so seriously;
I mean come on, everybody has to relax sometime, right?”

“Well, yeah, and I’m pretty sure everybody
does here and there, I don’t think that’s Lance’s problem with you. I think it
has more to do with the fact- now don’t take this the wrong way or anything-
after all we just met.”

“You’ve known me your whole life little sis,
you should try to think harder, maybe something will come to you.”

cut him off before he could say anymore; after all, I know my memory is
perfectly fine.

“I wasn’t finished, and that’s beside the
point. I was going to say Lance just thinks you mess around too much, that you
really don’t act your age, especially when you should.”

“Hey! How do you know all
that, Miss I can’t remember? Did he say something to you, or you just pulling
it out of your hat?” He spat back.

“I don’t know how I know, I
can just tell. Don’t get mad, I like how you are, you make me laugh. I never
had a brother… well that I can remember anyways.”
I quickly threw in there, shrugging
his shoulder, and giving out a laugh now myself. I told him this just to humor
him at the time, I really had no idea who he was, who Lance was, or where we
were at, but for the first time in my life and I know this might sound corny,
but… I actually felt happy.

“If I had to pick two guys to be my bros it
would be you two, so don’t worry about Lance. Not only that, but I can tell
that Lance likes to act like the Father of the family.”

This sent Zidane into an up roar,
bursting with laughter, and coming to tears as he leaned over to me placing his
arm on my shoulder.

“Little Sis you have no idea, no wait you
do, but now you don’t, oh whatever, too much for me to soak in.”

pushed him away laughing again, only this time much harder.

“What ever happened to Lance? We haven’t
seen him since you took off with me. Is he really that mad?”

“Mad, no he’s not that mad. Trust
me I’ve done a lot worse than that, he’s already there.”

“Where? The Painted Hills? That’s
where he said we were going to go for the night. How could he be there when we
took off from him? Does he know a short cut or something?”

“You didn’t feel him pass us
when we were running?”

“No, is he really that fast? How?
No human can run that fast.”

“Just wait till we make it to
Pops, little Sis, you can ask him all this stuff. He can tell you what you need
to know.”

“Sure, but will you answer me
at least one more little question? I know you guys lied to me, so I know you
can answer this.”

“Lied to you? I haven’t lied
to you, and to prove it go ahead give me your best shot, what do you got?”

“Well, you told me we were
here to check out what had happened to this place, but Lance said to me that I
shouldn’t have run away from home the way I did. So which is it, your story, or

“Whoa sis, maybe I should reconsider
that ‘whole one last question’ thing.” Zidane replied with the mark of defense
all over his face.

“Hey, you said one more
question, now come on, which is it yours or his?”

“Ok look, I’m really not
supposed to say anything, but since you won’t shut up about it… Well, you see
the thing is you’re a-”

Before he could continue he was cut
off by Lance, who shouted Zidane’s name so loud that even if Zidane had
finished saying it, I never would have heard him.

Zidane never did speak; he just stood there, once more head
down, not looking his older brother in the eye. Lance glared at Zidane for only
moments then looked my way, placing his hand onto some tree limbs, moving them
to the side.

“Right this way Desi; maybe this will jog
that memory of yours.”

He continued moving the wicked, dead
looking tree branches out of the way. Just on the other side I could see a
cliff, a cliff splashed in a number of brilliant colors. Zidane, who abruptly
covered my eyes, almost too tight, said. “No
wait for it little Sis, this has to jog that memory of yours.”

“Zidane let go of her and let her be-Now!” Lance
ordered him. Zidane removed his hands just as fast as he can run and snapped
back, “Sorry, I’m just trying to make it special. Maybe if you weren’t always
Mr. Serious you’d know how to make things special for people.”

“Now’s not the time or place, we have to get
Destiny to safety. You know as well as I do, if anything happens to her it’s
our butts, so no more of this, it stops now. One more negative word and I’ll
use Lashon hara on you, and I’ll let Father deal with me later.”

Whatever Lashon hara is, it mustn’t be
very good, and Zidane didn’t have a look on his face that gave away if he was
trying to think of anything to say back. Lance, giving no more attention to
Zidane, grabbed my hand and pushed the last few decayed tree branches out of
the way.

this, he would open a sight to me, one that if I died at that very moment, it
would have been worth it, seeing everything I seen that day. It was absolute
perfection, hill after hill of colorful beauty. All of them actually appearing
to be painted, each a different color.

hills sparkled and radiated underneath the sun’s rays. There were butterflies
around every hill top, well, as Lance would tell me later, Brushes.

Little white cotton weed looking things floated
everywhere through the air. Sparks of beaded light jumped from the hillsides,
ending with a flash in the sky above, and on top of every hill stood a single
tree, seven of them. Each tree was being showered down on by different colored
dust. I would learn that this dust gives life to not only the tree, but to the
brushes as well.

spend their whole lives, all three days of it, painting and repainting the
landscape with a very fine powdery pigmented dust. They never eat, and they
never mate, the paint like dust in the air gives them life. When it’s time for
them to go they simply land on the showery sparkles above their parent tree,
and they get absorbed back to the planet, breathing new life into a new Brush.

very territorial, so each hill represents a different Brush species. I walked
up to a purple hill, just barely sticking my finger tip in it, when right away
a shimmering purple Brush landed on it. As it stood there on my finger I could
see little flakes of purple falling off it, blowing easily through the breeze.

the purplish flakes made their way across my arm it too started to sparkle and
shine in the sun. Zidane rushed up behind me shouting.

“What are you waiting for, hop in!” With
one big push he shoved me right inside the shining drape of purple.

could feel it wrap around me, and my whole body appeared to out shine the sun
itself. It made me feel like an innocent and pure child again. I danced and
twirled, waving my arms, reaching as high as I could, and the Brushes never
appeared afraid of me being that close. In fact they seemed more curious than
anything, swirling and waving themselves around me, their movements leaving long
stands of dust that would float to the earth, and then evaporate out as a brilliant
flash that would add to the dust to the hill top.

and Lance just stood there watching me; they must have been thinking. “Look at how she’s acting” or “what the hell is she doing?” Then again,
that never mattered to me, the feeling I got on this hill is to this day
something I’ve never felt again.

I was trying to reach out and grab Zidane to pull him in with me, as some pay
back, the ringing in my head came back, and this time it crippled me. My ears
felt as if they were about to explode. I fell to my knees holding my head; I could
hear my brothers yelling to me.

“What’s wrong?”

My eyes would barely open, everything around
me began to swirl; the ground removed itself from my vision. The shooting pain
through my skull intensified, and I screamed in agony. The majestic, brightly
light, blue sky above me got over ran by a pitch black sheet of night as it
ripped apart, almost shattering. As I fell to the ground, my brothers reached
for me, doing everything they could to help, but they just kept getting further
and further away.

the sky continued to fall, the Painted Hills dust no longer shined, instead the
dust became like thick mud running down the hillsides as if it were rivers of
paint. Now Zidane and Lance managed to make it to me. They reached for me yet
again, and this time they got me.

together they tried to pull me out of the black curtain that had replaced the
friendly purple one. It wouldn’t work; it was as if I was stuck in place, and the
pain in my head reacted to their attempts. Their attempts would quickly stop as
everything including them began to melt from view.

this happen I made one last attempt to free myself, to be with my family. I
quickly got back up to my feet, my brothers and our surroundings twisting away
in darkness, I jumped for it as fast and as hard as I could. Everything
vanished as I jumped up; sweat dripping down my forehead, the sound of an alarm
going off, I’m in bed… It was a dream.

laid there not wanting to get up; wanting to go back to the place I was just so
happy at. That one dream opened up a World to me, a World I wanted to be a part
of so bad. Who were they? The ones that claimed were my family.

seemed so real, as if I could still hear their voices inside my head, and
that’s where they stayed for several weeks after that first dream. My every
waking second was consumed with thoughts of that dream. It ate away at me,
trying to figure out what it all meant.

could a dream affect me so much? I spent those several weeks trying to come up
with an idea, some way to remember that dream, to remember the day I found my
brothers, to remember the day I was… happy.

I was sitting at home the day before my fifteenth birthday, it hit me, a diary.
What a great way to contain my thoughts. It would be my way to remember, just
in case my family ever came back to me in my dreams. I wanted to see them; I
couldn’t wait to see my brothers again.

did I know, at the time, when I bought that diary from Hanks general store,
which is located near the center of my little town, Pleasant Plains, IL.  That it would become my story, that it would
truly help me to find my memories.


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