Finding of the first Diary (Part-6)

6 Oct

I could hear screaming, my eyes darted open. My senses were greeted by the overwhelming scent of death and paint, which seemed like a very strange combination. Making it to my feet was made increasingly difficult, an effect caused by some sort of multi-colored mud that I now found myself laying in. Finally standing, I had to take in a darkened landscape, who’s helpful light was blotted out by a twilight like haze covering its sky. Ankle deep, everything I could make out around me appeared to have melted, and flowed through this place like a river. Its thick yet sweet-smelling multi-colored mud upon closer inspection was in fact…paint.

“What is this?” I repeatedly said to myself,  holding my hand in front of my face, squishing the pigment between my fingers.

I could now tell for certain that this place in which I stand, was made entirely out of paint. A brilliant flash sparked off on the horizon behind a horribly melted looking hill, another strike followed that one. The first red, and the second orange. The hypnotic lightning would continue all around me in succession, until it finally delivered the spectrum of  colors in a rainbow…



One Response to “Finding of the first Diary (Part-6)”

  1. benditty September 11, 2012 at 6:19 pm #

    You paint an amazing, powerful scene, Jeremy!

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