Chapter 1: The Questions Reveled

25 Dec


Destiny! Hey, Destiny are you ok?” I could hear this voice calling out
to me. A voice I’ve never heard before, a voice that seemed worried about me. I
may not have known this voice, but it definitely knew me.

Can you get up? Destiny, please, we have to get moving!”

Can I get up? I thought to myself.

“I don’t think so.” I replied. All I
could do was lay there, my head throbbing, and my body in pain.

ringing in my head, it hurts,” I finally said placing my hand to the back of my
head where I could feel the pain coming from. Obviously I’ve been hit, but by what
or even better who?

No signs of blood. I removed my hand from my head, and the stars, that just
moments ago, were swirling in front of my eyes started to…

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