The Return of TDOD

27 Apr

  I know I have extremely faithful followers here on my very original idea for a blog, one I call ‘The Diary Of Destiny’ Backstory! How do I know this? Well I know this by the fact that it’s been a very long time since it has seen an update, and yet many of you are still here! I can never repay your relentless yearning for what I am creating, so I wont even try. But what I will do is give you all an answer as to why-well sort of…

  Many things have happened in my life since the last update that have caused me to stay away for so long. But as with anything in life those things have come and gone. Some were very bad as others were very good, no matter what side of the coin landed it always inevitably kept me away from you amazing people! Well today I am writing all of you to not only say THANK YOU for being who you are but to let each of you know IT’S BACK! That’s right! TDOD, and it’s blog is back in full force and we all are going to find ourselves once more wrapped up in the amazingly beautiful dark world of The UnKnowns. Coming in just a few days will be a major continuance of where we left off so long ago. So please read, get caught up, or join us for the first time, and prepare yourselves for what’s about to come next! As always I thank you for being a TDOD fan and reader and I look forward to our journey together through the eyes of Destiny EverDream!


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