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Finding Of The First Diary. A World Reborn.

30 Apr

As I looked on in awe at my surroundings an unfamiliar voice rang out from behind me.

“I’ve been waiting for you. I have been waiting so long, I thought that you may never show.”

My focus was now on this mysterious voice, one who’s owner was much too far away for me to make out who or what it was. I stood silent as it continued.

“But you’ve made it. You are finally here and now I can give you what I have waited so long to give. Please come closer, you have nothing to fear from me.”

Trembling as this voice beckoned for me to draw near and with the flashes of light intensifying I could finally make out the darkened silhouette of a cloaked figure in the distance. The space between us was so vast it seemed almost magical to me that it’s soft words could reach my eager ears so easily.

Shouting with what I had left after my struggle with the think pigment I exclaimed.

“I can’t, this mud, paint or whatever it is has me stuck. Please if you wouldn’t mind could you help, could you help me get free?”

There was a slight laughter upon it’s breath as it gently said.

“Of course.”

With those two simple words it removed an unknown object from it’s cloak pocket, spoke some words that still to this day remain a mystery to me, but at the very moment it spoke the grace of solid color flowed from underneath this unknown person. The sticky, melted world around me began to harden, trees of multiple colors sprouted out of the ground, as hills took shape and started their ascension towards the rainbow sky. The haze, darkness and scent of death vanished and were replaced with strange looking butterflies flying in massive swarms. the appearance of colorful dust fell from their rapidly flapping wings. Many landed on me and immediately flew away, leaving behind their little patterns of color. Using my fingers I dipped them into one of these little puddles left on my arm and to my surprise it as well appeared to be paint.

“What is this? What are those? How?”

I spoke out loud to myself. But before any comprehension as to what was right before me could settle in I was startled as the once silhouette of a shadow now stood before me.

“They are called Brushes, and they spend their whole lives here repainting this amazing landscape day after day, in an never ending cycle of true beauty. Their terrific, I can still remember the first time I saw them and this place.”

I could now very quickly come to the conclusion that this voice belonged to a female, but she stood there clocked with her head down still making herself unknown to me.

“I’m sorry!” I burst out interrupting what she was saying.
“Where are we? What is this place? Why are you waiting on me? Who are you?”

I shot off so many questions so fast I didn’t know what one she would answer first. She finally lifted her head and using both her hands she removed the hood that hid her so well. Her beauty froze every thought I had up to that point. Her long brown hair, hazel eyes and enchanting features captured my very attention.

“I am Destiny EverDream and it’s my honor to welcome you to the Painted Hills.”